Techsovet Magazine

Techsovet covers new technologies, equipment and machinery, materials, expertise, advanced techniques and business infrastructure issues related to our target industries.
Techsovet is well known as a comprehensive source of highly reliable information to some 12,000 top executives in major industrial companies in the Russian Ural region. We provide an excellent printing base coupled with the variety of available ad formats and highly competitive pricing.

Advertiser Benefits

· Distribution: throughout the Ural region with a focus on major industrial centers.
· Direct delivery to top executives and technical experts.
· Participation in leading industrial exhibitions.
· Timely content of high interest to our readership.
· Full-color printing.
· Flexible ad purchase options:
     - Anytime, for any length of time
     - Available by phone,e-mail, at our offices, or through the Rospechat catalogue 
     - Flexible discount plans.

Target Readership

  • Top industry executives
  • Industry technical experts
  • Promotion and marketing specialists

Core Subject Matter

  • Innovations and expertise
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Effective technologies and state-of-the-art techniques
  • Business infrastructure
  • Assimilation and development of new products and services 

Circulation and Distribution

  • Circulation: 12 000 copies per issue
  • Volume: 100 -120 pages
Price-list (in rubles)

Front cover

80 000

Inside front (IFC) & additional covers

56 000

Inside third cover

52 000

Back cover (BC)

70 000

Double-page spread

85 000

1 page (inside)

48 800

2/3 page (125х250 mm)

38 000

1/2 page (190х122,5 mm)

31 100

1/3 page (190х80 mm), (125х122,5 mm), (60х250 mm)

23 600

2/9 page (125х80 mm)

16 600

1/6 page (60х122,5 mm), (190х37,5 mm)

12 500

1/9 page (125х37,5 mm), (60х80 mm)

8 200

1/18 page (60х37,5 mm)

6 000

PR article copywriting (1 page)

1 800


700 – 1 200

Choice of placement


Contact Information

81, Lunacharskogo office 1006
Russia 620075
Phone: +7 (343) 287-50-34




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